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Mercury fillings have been used for more than 150 years and are the most commonly used cavity fillers in America. They contain 50% mercury by weight. However, research has shown that mercury is a neurotoxin agent and is poisonous to brain cells. Due to its proximity to the brain, it is more important than ever to reconsider mercury filter placement and its safe removal in the mouth.

More and more dentists have stopped using amalgam fillings because they may pose a health risk. Mercury toxicity has been linked to tremors, dementia, autism, miscarriage, immune system dysfunction, and many other health problems.

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Mercury fillings can be removed, but only a qualified biological dentist can remove them safely.

You should know that the release of mercury vapors happens when the fillings are being put in and taken out. Small amounts of mercury are released while chewing, clenching and grinding, and eating hot food or beverages.

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Who can have silver amalgam fillings removed and replaced?

Almost all patients who have mercury amalgam fillings can have them removed safely with the team at Presidential Dental. However, it is not recommended that this procedure be done for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to ensure the safety of the baby.

Indications for removing them including: mercury toxicity levels, teeth grinding, the age of the filling and the patient’s request. Dr. Bradesen, a leading expert in the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease from UCLA has included safe amalgam filling removal as one of the important protocols in preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s disease; now the third leading cause of death in the USA.

The safest way to remove mercury amalgam fillings includes using:

  • A non latex rubber dam to shield your mouth.
  • Disposable covering for hair and skin of patient and staff.
  • A HEPA filter and high-volume vacuum above patients.
  • Chlorella and/or activated charcoal to remove traces of mercury.
  • Ozonated rinses before and after mercury replacements.
  • A Dental office air purification system.
  • Oxygen supply for the patient to breathe through the nose.


  • An advanced air filtration system is used to significantly reduce the mercury concentration in the air for both the operator and the patient.
  • The patient is given a slurry of activated charcoal and/or chlorella for rinsing the mouth beforehand.
  • The patient and staff wear protective gowns and/or coverings.
  • Dental personnel wear respiratory-grade masks, face shields, hair coverings, and non-latex gloves.
  • The patient wears a nasal mask to deliver air to breathe through the nose.
  • A saliva ejector will be placed under the dental dam to reduce mercury exposure to the patient.
  • A non-latex dental dam will be placed and sealed over the patient’s mouth to prevent mercury from going down the mouth and throat.
  • Face, head, and neck barriers will be placed around the dental dam.
  • 2-4 inches from the patient’s mouth, a high-volume air filtration system is employed to reduce mercury exposure.
  • A high-speed drill, suction and copious amounts of water are employed to reduce heat and mercury vapors released during removal process.
  • Using a small-diameter carbide drill, the mercury amalgam will be sectioned into chunks to be removed. The larger the chunks removed, the fewer mercury vapors.
  • Then the patient’s mouth will be thoroughly flushed with water, activated charcoal and/or chlorella.
  • Afterwards the dental staff will safely dispose of the gloves, coverings, and chunks itself and clean all the equipment.
  • After the mercury fillings are removed, you will receive a referral to a medical doctor who can perform chelation.
  • Depending on the size of the previous cavity, final restoration options include biomimetic fillings or biocompatible all porcelain crowns. These do not negatively affect your body and have no known allergies or adverse side effects.

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At Presidential Dental, we are trained to remove amalgam fillings safely based on IABDM PROTECT protocol. Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding these services.

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